11 Hour MLO Continuing Education Class

This course satisfies the requirements set forth by the SAFE Act for an 11-hour continuing education course for New York MLOs.

The course covers content under topics on: Ethics on mortgage fraud (2 hrs); federal laws including Dodd-Frank, anti-discrimination, TILA, and RESPA (3 hrs); non-traditional on construction loans and FNMA conversion financing (2 hrs); elective on credit and credit scores (1 hr); and state-specific content reviewing laws for New York MLOs (3 hrs).

Course Tuition is $275 (textbooks & NMLS fees included).

*Students MUST pre-register and payment completed before class begins.

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NY SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Course (NMLS Approved)

NMLS Education ID #1400284

Our NMLS-approved classroom course provides all of the tools to help you successfully complete your required MLO pre-licensing education – and prepare you for your exam. Our courses are flexible and convenient, allowing you to mix and match day sessions and night classes. 20 hour class in NY SAFE Mortgage Loan Origination is approved by NMLS.

Choose from one of our in-class and online packages:

Profit Lab – Investor Training

RETC’s dynamic Profit Lab is a two-day seminar teaching you best practices for profitable real estate investment.

Whether you are new to real estate investing or seeking new ways to make the most of your investment strategies and approach, Profit Lab gives you rapid-fire resources you can immediately put to use.

Real Estate Mentoring

The RETC mentorship program helps you become a successful real estate investor through proven, innovative strategies that work specifically for you and your goals.

Your mentor works one-on-one with you to close deals on investment properties, sharing their knowledge and expertise as active and established real estate investors. They will share their methods with you and help you hone your own approach. This accelerated program gives your real estate investing skills an energized boost with direct, hands-on experience. There is no better way to advance your investment skills than the mentoring method from RETC.

Real Estate Coaching

Our real estate business coaches are successful entrepreneurs who have the experience and expertise to help you grow your annual sales and as a real estate professional.

They have faced the same obstacles you have as a real estate agent in our region’s fluctuating real estate market. Each coaching program is tailored specifically to you and your role – whether you are a new Licensed Salesperson and or an agency owner and Licensed Broker with a regular book of business. Our coaches help you define your specific goals and develop the skills and habits, programs and strategies, and focus and motivation to make them reality.

Online Remedial Course

Bridge the Gap in Your Pre-licensing Education Online

As a gap course, helps you meet the 77-hour requirement if you have already completed 45-hours of pre-licensing education prior to mid-2008 but have not taken or passed the state licensing exam or completed the application for your license. As a remedial program, it helps prepare professionals for the broker or associate examinations.

Select the option that is best suited to your needs for the Online Remedial Gap Course:

Online Continuing Education

RETC keeps you current with real estate trends and regulations, consistently updating our catalog of Continuing Ed courses.

Online CE courses give you a convenient option to meet mandated CE unit requirements for real estate professional license renewals and expand your skills and knowledge. RETC helps you build your expertise in your industry.

Our Online Continuing Ed courses are available in two versatile packages:

Online Real Estate License NY

Our comprehensive online real estate license ny course covers the fundamentals of the real estate profession and helps prepare students to not only pass the state licensing exam, but successfully enter their new career and start earning commissions.

RETC offers you the convenience of online education for real estate training to complete the 77-hour Real Estate License course. Our proven module approach is divided into 20 sessions that can be taken in any order. Begin the course at any time and go at your own pace – you have four months to complete the Real Estate License program. Some students on the fast track to launch their real estate career can finish in as few as 10 days. Upon satisfactory completion of all 20 sessions, students are prepared to sit for both the RETC and New York State licensure exams.

REO Bus Tour

Join the tour to visit properties – inside and out – specifically selected to teach you key lessons in real estate investing in real-time.

See how expert active real estate investors find and analyze properties, perform property inspections, and recognized opportunities and risks. You will gain new insights into building profit from sound financial analysis and get ideas you can implement to grow your bottom line. The RETC Investment Training Team on the tour gives you access to property managers, closing agents, inspectors and renovation specialists.

1 Year Investment Certificate Program

Exclusive 1 Year Real Estate Investment Certificate Program includes:

12 Week Coaching Program, unlimited REO Bus Tours, In-field Training, unlimited Profit Lab, Online Resource Library and much more…