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Real Estate Continuing Education

real estate continuing education

Continuing Education Keeps Your License Active and Gives Your Skills a Boost.

The courses offered by RETC meet the mandates of the State of New York for continuing education to maintain active licensure. Our course offering goes beyond the basic requirements to give existing licensed real estate professionals new tools to be more effective and productive, expand their knowledge, and grow their income by broadening their skills. All of RETC’s CE courses can be taken online – at your own pace and whenever you need them.

Our CE units are available in two versatile packages:


Real Estate Continuing Education Packages & Registration

Discount Pack

  • Take any combination of CE courses that combine to a total of 22.5 hrs with NYS Fair Housing
  • Complete all 22.5 Hours of Required Continuing Ed Units

$190.00Add to cart

Annual CE Package

  • Unlimited enrollment in any RETC Continuing Ed course for One Full Year
  • This package is available at all locations including Manhattan (NYREI)

$275.00Add to cart


The Process

  • Complete 22.5 Hours of Continuing Education units required for license renewal
  • Selected CE units must include 3 hours related to Fair Housing
  • Choose courses individually or use one of our lower-cost packages to get the most from your required Continuing Education
  • Licensee is responsible for maintaining records of course completion to be submitted as CE verification as requested by the Division of Licensing Services.

State Requirements

The NY Department of State, Division of Licensing Services has complete information regarding maintaining and renewing your salesperson and broker licenses. Please visit the Division of Licensing Services web site for detailed information.