Profit Lab – Investor Training

profit lab investor training

RETC’s dynamic Profit Lab is a two-day seminar teaching you best practices for profitable real estate investment.

Whether you are new to real estate investing or seeking new ways to make the most of your investment strategies and approach, Profit Lab gives you rapid-fire resources you can immediately put to use.


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A limited number of qualified applicants are accepted each year into the Real Estate Coaching program. Fill out a simple application form by clicking on the button to the right or call us directly at 1.718.321.9600 to apply.

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Course Outline

  • Finding Properties That Produce
    • Identify trends in property values, rents, and appreciation
    • Develop your eye for undervalued properties
    • Create tools to rapidly assess properties for the “best-fit” to your investment goals
    • Attract ideal tenants to keep your investment value rising
  • Financing Your Investment Innovatively
    • Doing the Math on Income Assessment & Market Value Estimation
    • Performing Due Diligence
    • Creative Financing Paths
  • Negotiating For Full Profit Potential
    • Prepare for any negotiation
    • Contracts, legal documents, offer letters and more
    • Picking your battles on terms
  • Increasing Investment Value
    • Planning strategic improvements
    • Protection plans in down markets
    • Calculating costs of improvement projects
    • Tailoring upgrades to attract ideal tenants
    • Estimating added value and finding hidden opportunities
  • Maximizing Profits
    • Making the bottom line shine
    • Developing your entrepreneurial vision
    • Spotting trends to maximize opportunities and minimize impacts